Chef Katie Button is the host of From the Source, and the co-founder of Asheville, North Carolina's beloved Cúrate, a JBF Award-winning collection of restaurants with an online marketplace and wine club, and culinary journeys that create exceptional and experiential access to Spanish culture.
A downtown Asheville staple for over a decade. Enjoy classic Spanish tapas, carefully-selected wine, and a lively and memorable experience.
Savor Spain, anytime. Cúrate at Home is a specialty marketplace with thoughtfully curated gifts and experiences that bring Spain to your doorstep.
Spanish-style café, market and restaurant and wine bar, located in downtown Asheville at 32 S Lexington Avenue. Walk-ins welcome!


Chef Katie Button is at the helm of Katie Button Restaurants, a downtown Asheville-based restaurant group with a mission to create and sustain a thriving company culture through exceptional culinary experiences. Experience the lively Spanish tapas culture at nationally-acclaimed flagship restaurant, Cúrate Bar de Tapas. Just around the corner at La Bodega by Cúrate, enjoy a casual lunch, take home paella, and semi-prepared Cúrate favorites, along with a selection of Spanish wine and beverages – available to walk-ins, curbside pickup and nationwide shipping. Take a culinary adventure with Cúrate Trips – incomparable access to the best wine and food in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Become a Spanish wine insider by joining the Cúrate Spanish Wine Club – the newest offering from Katie Button Restaurants, designed to bring the world of Spanish wine to your doorstep.

This happened tonight 😂❤️…..@chowchowavl @chefdorianhunter @onebadchef910 @chefrickymoore @cuni_verse @covered_in_flour @chefttlivinandlovin and @virginiawillis who was busy getting her mise ready like a professional while the rest of us goofed off!
I had a blast tasting through Spanish wines alongside Núria from @vinovidetroitbarcelona during a virtual tasting last week for the @curateathome Wine Club.

Don't worry if you missed it live, the full tasting experience can be found at the link in bio right now.

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Tonight at La Bodega, we're excited to welcome @beardfoundation for the Asheville stop on the Taste America tour! This is a nationwide initiative to bring together chefs, special guests, and diners from across the country to celebrate the local independent restaurants at the heart of our communities. Matt Caudle, the Chef de Cuisine at @curatetapasbar (pictured to the right of me), was invited to be a part of this cohort, and we couldn't be more proud! 

On the left side of the photo, you'll find the Chef de Cuisine of @labodegabycurate, @mattwallbrown who is the host venue chef. They're teaming up with @theblindcook of @theblindgoathtx for what's sure to be a stellar event! Wishing them all the best of luck tonight! 

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Today Gisela was invited to an 80s themed birthday party, so my morning started with the question “mom, what’s the 80s?” Which prompted digging through the closet and looking up photos on the internet…followed by me trying to describe what a boombox is…and ultimately deciding it was an era that can never truly be defined…💗🤣
We're flashing back to the first episode of season 3 this weekend! Back in December of 2022, the first episode of Season 3 of From the Source aired as a sneak peek. Honestly, I love this episode, and I’ve known Will from White Oak Pastures a long time. They truly raise some of the best grassfed beef in the world.

Will believes that animals should have the opportunity to express instinctive behavior. A long time ago, they gave up a lot of commodity beef technologies to get back to basics – the result is a incredibly amazing ecosystem. 
If you're looking for the sous vide ribeye or whipped beef tallow recipes from this episode, the recipes are now live on my website!
Tune in to Magnolia Network today at 2pm EST or watch anytime with MAX and Discovery Plus.
When you hear the word “Miso,” you may only think about a brothy, savory soup. BUT, Miso is also an amazing cheat button for quickly adding a rich umami flavor to so many things. Often in cooking at home, building flavor takes a lot of time, but with miso, the time it takes to develop that flavor has already been done beautifully by the miso producers themselves! That can turn a quickly thrown together recipe like this salad dressing into something with incredible depth of flavor. I love drizzling this on a salad of crunchy seasonal veggies from the farmer’s market, and you could easily use it as a dipping sauce as well. 

Full recipe available at the link in my bio! 🥗
Did you know that there is traditionally handcrafted, organic, amazing miso being produced right here in Western North Carolina?! Miso is simply soybeans, salt, and “koji”, or rice that’s been inoculated with fermentation culture. This funky, umami rich ingredient is rich in history and tradition throughout Japanese culture, and has grown to be popular all over the world. 🍚

During my time with @misomaster for the ‘Miso’ episode of #FromTheSource, I learned that one of the keys to making great miso is starting with great koji. When done right, the process is taken with such care that the koji is even wrapped up in literal sheets and blankets, and “put to bed” to create the perfect environment for spores to grow 🛌 Miso Master, and many other producers around the world, are making a wide variety of miso (over 1,300 types in the world!) – using different grains for koji, or different types of beans like chickpeas in place of the soybeans. 

Learning about miso for this episode was fascinating! I can’t wait for you all to see it – tune in to @magnolianetwork today at 2pm EST, or watch anytime with @streamonmax and @discoveryplus 🌸
Gathering together with friends and family, around a table of delicious food, is something that has always been a huge part of my life. From memories of Southern feasts as a kid, to tapas parties and calçotadas in Spain after I met @felixmeana – sharing a meal is at the heart of some of life's best moments.
These days, while finding a balance with running two restaurants, a growing business, and raising two amazing kids, I am always seeking out ways to simplify without compromising on those moments. I partnered with @allrecipes and @toyotausa to share some of my go-to tips for preparing a meal for a large group, while still enjoying it yourself!
Head to the link in my bio and stories to find my advice for making your next dinner party a breeze 🍽🥂 #ad #ToyotaPartner #ToyotabZ4X
Grape Torte 🍇 Recipe link in bio!

When I think of grapes, my mind goes to snacking. Maybe a fruit salad, or grape juice…but that’s really as far as I would typically go with “cooking” them. Muscadine grapes are a variety that grow very well in our region, and have an incredible and unique flavor. For the newest episode of #FromTheSource on @magnolianetwork, I decided to experiment a little and see what would happen if you cooked with them – enter Muscadine Grape Torte 🍇

You can make this jammy torte with muscadines or scuppernongs if you have them, but even concord grapes or table grapes are delicious here. 

Find the full recipe for Grape Torte on my website, link in bio!
Muscadine grapes are one of the most well-loved, native foods grown in our region in North Carolina! 🍇 If you’ve never eaten one, they have the most incredible, sweet, and flavorful flesh, with a tart skin that balances out each bite. Yes, they have seeds (as nature intended), that you can either bite around and swallow or remove before eating – but leaving the skin on is a must. 

Davon Goodwin at @o.t.l.farms in Laurinburg, NC is producing some of the best muscadines in the region, and I had the absolute joy of spending some time with him for this week’s episode of #FromTheSource, diving in to learn about grapes! The secret to Davon’s success lies in his commitment to community – the support he gives, the ways that he feeds the people around him, and the connections and meaningful relationships farming has helped him create. One of my biggest takeaways from my visit was how deeply human connection can be the driving force behind joy, happiness, and life! Muscadines just help make the journey more delicious 😉🍇

Find the ‘Grapes’ episode of From the Source on @magnolianetwork’s cable channel today at 2pm EST, or stream anytime with @streamonmax and @discoveryplus!
Happy Father’s Day to @felixmeana I don’t know how but this photo of you really shows the brightness and energy you bring with you wherever you go!
Lima Bean Hummus 🥙 Recipe link in bio! 

Lima beans – when fresh – are incredibly creamy and luxurious, perfect for turning into an incredible dip! For this recipe, I took some inspiration from a traditional Mediterranean hummus, but used @rancho_gordo limas in place of the garbanzo beans. The addition of lemon juice and tahini takes an ordinary bean dip to a whole new level of delicious! This recipe is a great way to use up nearly any kind of leftover beans after you’ve made a big pot, and couldn’t be simpler with the help of a blender or food processor. Serve alongside fresh seasonal veggies, toasted bread, or crackers!

Find the full recipe, featured on @magnolianetwork’s #FromTheSource, on my website at the link in my bio 🧑🏽‍🍳
For about as long as I’ve been cooking, I thought preparing dried beans was difficult and time consuming. First, I’d have to soak them for the right amount of time, then cook them for forever, only to end up with a pot of beans that were partially cooked, with some that were mushy and falling apart, while some were still starchy and not quite tender. But then, I cooked with @rancho_gordo beans… All of a sudden, I realized that the problem was in the quality of the beans I was buying. Generic, grocery store beans are often sitting on a shelf somewhere for literal years before they make it to your kitchen, resulting in frustratingly inconsistent cooking times and flavors. Let me tell you, using fresher beans makes all the difference in the world! With producers like Rancho Gordo, you get beans that were harvested from the field just about a year prior, and the creamy, cloud-like texture you end up with by using beans this fresh is incredible.

When it comes down to it, beans have been grown, harvested, and cooked in the Americas for centuries. They shouldn’t be intimidating to cook from scratch! Tune in to #FromTheSource on @magnolianetwork today at 2pm EST to learn more about the history, cultivation, and harvest of beans, and see what it takes to make them taste delicious! #MagnoliaNetwork
Lemon Curd 🍋 recipe link in bio! 

Lemon Curd brings back tons of fond childhood memories for me. When I was growing up, my mom ran a catering business out of our home kitchen. Sweet, tart, custardy lemon curd was one of the things she was making all. the. time! As a busy caterer and mom, she had to be on top of her game with time management, and because she had the excited and willing help of a kid 🙋‍♀️ meant that rather than standing by the stove top with a double broiler, constantly stirring to avoid overcooking, she taught me how to use the microwave to end up with an incredibly simple to make, silky, creamy lemon curd. It was the perfect job for me as a kid – I mean, what kid doesn’t like pushing buttons…and especially when it ends in a delicious, sweet treat! 

For the ‘Egg’ episode of #FromTheSource on @magnolianetwork, I decided to make a batch of lemon curd with @dryridgefarms gorgeous, pasture raised eggs, and I was struck by how orange and beautiful it ended up – all because of the quality of the yolks! For the episode, I used a traditional double-broiler method, and you can certainly do that with this recipe. But, if you’re looking for a little bit of a shortcut, check out the link in my bio for the full recipe for Magic Microwave Lemon Curd! 🍋 

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